Ride For Youth

A Youth Focus event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression

Brookfield Rail 2

Matt Sevior

Nickname: Seev's

Occupation: Business owner

To my Family , Friends and Colleagues .

This year Ive committed to riding in the 2017 Hawaiian Ride for Youth and Im looking for your support !!

Im Riding for TEAM Brookfield Rail 2 which Im priveledged to be apart of and I thank them for the generosity in supporting such a great cause.

(HR4Y) The ride's main objective is to raise awareness and $$ for Youth Suicide prevention programmes (Youth Focus run the programme's) - 

Our Story.. : We lost a good friend a couple of years ago - kye was our neighbour (26 yrs old) - His parents, Ian and Amanda are still our neighbours. Kye had an infectious personality / life of the party - a gentle giant (Jeez he could eat), One of those guys who never had a bad word to say about anyone ,always positive, had a large group of friends  - Newly married to Jamie - Kye would do anything for anyone at a drop of a hat - no strings attached - that was Kye.

The day he died - On a piece of paper it read - "this will be the last selfish thing I ever do" !! That was all he wrote.

As a parent of two girls I cant imagine what Ian - Amanda must be going through to lose someone they made together. No -one could unless you have had someone close to you die.

His death affected so many people -  It affected my wife and I , It affected my 5 - 6 yr old girls / It still affect's me now - I have a tear in my eyes while writing this.


  • IMAGINE if kye had seeked help for his depression through a Youth Focus Programme ?
  • IMAGINE if by donating $50 - $75 - $100 $$ we can save a kye or a brother or a sister or a parent through a youth Focus counsellor ?

All Donations are Tax deductable and best of all you will feel bloody good about yourself for donating to such a great cause :)

My target is $10001 but im sure we can blow that figure out of the water.

So please get onboard and DONATE - 

Thanks again -

Matt Sevior



Hero Wall

Mary St Bakery 3 months 4 days ago
Mary st bakery Well done Matt and team Brookfield rail 2 , great effort - hopefully everyone enjoyed the donuts !! Paul Aron
Ben & Max Horner 3 months 1 week ago     Team Donation - $50
Go Uncle Brad!!!!
Sheehan Jonathon 3 months 1 week ago     Team Donation - $50
Amazing dedication and selflessness Watson family. Smash it out, Brad!
Tim Goyder 5 months 5 days ago
WESLEY BRUMLEY 6 months 4 weeks ago
enjoy buddy
Ashlee Watts 7 months 6 days ago     Team Donation - $20
Ian & Sally Lee 7 months 1 week ago
Good on you Matt... great cause. Ride like the wind!!!
Michelle Chafin 7 months 1 week ago
Go Matt - bring on those super powers! Well done for raising money:)Michelle Chafin Curtin Growth
Nic Brownbill 7 months 1 week ago     Team Donation - $150
Mark Tulloch 7 months 1 week ago