Ride For Youth

A Youth Focus event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression

Brookfield Rail 1

Michael Aviet

Nickname: Mike

Occupation: Investigations and Assurance Specialist

2017 will be my first year participating in the Hawaiian Ride for Youth (HR4Y).

I have been riding for the past 15 years and usually spend most of my riding time on a mountain bike. I had heard of the HR4Y before but never gave much thought to what it was in aid of. After hearing about the 2016 rider experiences and researching Youth Focus, I knew I had to be part of the 2017 HR4Y.

Over the past few years I have provided support to family and friends who have suffered the effects of anxiety and depression. As a rider in the HR4Y, I feel privileged to be part of a cause that raises community awarenes of the issues faced by everyday people.

I am fortunate, and very proud to be representing Brookfield Rail, in support of Youth Focus, throughout the ride. I look forward to being part of a community of like minded people, with shared values, in an effort to build awareness around youth mental health and suicide prevention.

My team and I will be travelling from Geraldton to Perth and stopping at many schools along the way. This will be the inaugural ride of the Midwest leg and presents an exciting opportunity, and challenge, to both the riders and Youth Focus. I look forward to contributing to each community we pass through and hope to make a difference in the lives of the people I meet.

Hero Wall

Brookfield Rail 1 Internal Fundraising 1 month 6 days ago     Team Donation - $34
Mike Aviet 1 month 3 weeks ago     Team Donation - $1,905
On behalf of Brookfield Rail staff and the customers of Westpac Eastern Region.
Neil Pugh 1 month 3 weeks ago     Team Donation - $250
Roya Emamy 2 months 2 days ago     Team Donation - $50
Vanessa and Simon Farrant 2 months 3 days ago     Team Donation - $50
Go Branden! Amazing effort for a great cause!
Todd Bennett 2 months 1 week ago     Team Donation - $250
Paul Hamersley 2 months 1 week ago     Team Donation - $275
Mike Aviet 2 months 2 weeks ago     Team Donation - $275
Go team!
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